B2C Manutention is a specialist in the sale of tractors, forklifts and other new or refurbished equipment.

There are several financing options for this equipment, including long-term rental.

Used forklift and equipment for sale, refurbished  

To offer reliable and secure equipment,  B2C Manutention recondition used equipment before selling. Reconditioning at B2C, this is a real work on the mechanics of the device, and of course interventions on its interior and exterior aspects.
The warranty   covers the sold hardware and parts, from 3 to 6 months or from 150 to 300 hours first term achieved.

Sale of forklift and new equipment

Tractors  : We are distributors of the French brand Charlatte , which is recognized worldwide in the railway and airport world. It is a reliable material that offers a wide range. B2C knows them well because we have been maintaining since 2009, a fleet of more than 50 tractors on several SNCF sites.

Forklifts: We offer the Yale and Un Forklift brands to offer the best value for money over the life of the equipment.

  • The purchase cost corresponds to the initial investment
  • The cost of maintenance : beyond the purchase price, the overall cost of a truck is calculated over the life of the truck, often more than 10 years. Maintenance costs (parts, labor and travel) occur at the end of the guarantee, usually the 3rd year.

Buying a new equipment at B2C is guaranteed the best cost of ownership :

  • When you buy: you pay the right price
  • End of warranty: you benefit from very competitive prices on parts and maintenance invoices (fixed and controlled in case of maintenance contract)

U.N Forklift and YALE brands for new forklift trucks

The U.N Forklift (American-Chinese) brand has been proven in England and Poland before entering the French market. The design is American and the manufacture is Chinese. Thus, the most important parts and constituting the organs of the device that are known brands (engines Isuzu or Nissan). Spare parts are available very quickly and guarantee real reliability.

The YALE brand ( american) is recognized worldwide. We sell this brand for its reliability, even for intensive use


In addition to forklift sales , B2C offers a professional service for maintenance, spare parts and handling equipment rental . To contact us, click here !

Best offers

Doosan D90S7

101000 EUR

Linde E 80/1279

98900 EUR

Doosan D1808-S

95000 EUR

Fantuzzi FDC420

89000 EUR